Friday, October 30, 2009

Bharti SoftLand - A Web Development Company in India

At Bharti SoftLand, we always had an articulated Integrity Policy. All BSL Team, irrespective of level, role and location are bound by it. I present this as part of the Value Session to every new BSL.

Yet, it has been a challenge to build a shared understanding of what is Integrity and what is breach of Integrity in a rapidly growing organization. We pride ourselves on our diversity, our ability to attract great talent from many different kinds of organizations

At BSL, we do not have a big brother culture. But we take our Values very seriously, of which Integrity is the keystone. We have perpetrated BSL value document . This document is placed in hands as a rite of passage. It says "It is my way of respecting and recognizing you as someone who would uphold our Values. When you and I sign up to be a BSL, adherence to the Integrity Policy becomes the basic social contract of our mutual existence.

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